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The D.C. Opportunity Scholarship has many supporters including students, parents, D.C. leaders, national leaders, and national organizations. Please see below for supporters of OSP.

Local and National Support

Support from Members of Congress
Support from D.C. Leaders
Support from D.C. Students
Support from D.C. Parents

Newspaper Editorials

The Washington Post has published many editorials supporting the Opportunity Scholarship Program since its creation in 2004.

Mayor Gray is misguided on school vouchers
February 17, 2011

Would bringing back vouchers be good for D.C. students?
January 29, 2011

D.C.’s successful voucher program deserves a second life
June 23, 2010

Step up for D.C. Vouchers
March 23, 2010

New hope for the District’s school voucher program
March 16, 2010

Congress must act soon to reauthorize D.C. Scholarship program

March 10, 2010

D.C. support needed to pressure Congress on school vouchers

February 4, 2010

D.C. vouchers on life support: A congressional ‘compromise’ means slow death for a worthy program
December 14, 2009

Open to Vouchers? Sen. Durbin is asking the tough questions that could lead to reauthorization
October 4, 2009

Beach Reading for Mr. Obama: Useful literature on school vouchers
August 28, 2009

Children First: A D.C. scholarship program has bipartisan backing
August 3, 2009

A Plea to Mr. Duncan: There are 216 children that could still be rescued
July 10, 2009

Vouching for Vouchers: A Senate hearing offers good reasons for preserving the District’s education experiment
May 14, 2009

Presumed Dead: Politics is driving the destruction of the District’s school voucher program
April 11, 2009

Don’t Pull the Plug Yet: An evaluation of D.C.’s school voucher program suggests it has helped students. But more study is needed

April 4, 2009

‘Potential’ Disruption? Ending D.C. school vouchers would dash the hopes of hundreds of children
March 2, 2009

Voucher Subterfuge: Hoping no one notices, congressional Democrats step between 1,800 D.C. children and a good education
February 25, 2009

School Vouchers: District parents know why the program should continue
January 26, 2009

School Choice: Will Barack Obama deprive D.C. children of the opportunity his children have?
November 15, 2008

School Vouchers: A congressional review of how well they work is welcome
August 10, 2008

A Choice for D.C. Children: How would punishing 1,900 scholarship students improve the public schools?
June 24, 2008

National Coalitions

The following organizations support school choice and want the see the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program restored and expanded:

Agudath Israel of America
Alliance for School Choice
American Association of Christian Schools
American Federation for Children
Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO)
Brighter Choice Foundation
Center for an Educated Georgia
Center for Education Reform
Coalition for Education Reform and Accountability
Coalition of Hispanic Instructors in Support of Parental Awareness (CHISPA)
Council for American Private Education (CAPE)
Education Action Group
Education Breakthrough Network
Excellent Education for Everyone (E3)
Friends Of Choice in Urban Schools (FOCUS)
Foundation for Educational Choice
Foundation for Excellence in Education
Foundation for Florida’s Future
Georgia Family Council
Heartland Institute
Heritage Action for America
Hispanic Council for Reform and Educational Options (HCREO)
Institute for Justice
Iowa Advocates/Alliance for Choice in Education
Mid-Atlantic Catholic Schools Consortium
National Christian School Association
Parents/Partners for Educational Freedom in North Carolina
Parents for Choice in Education
REACH Alliance
Reason Foundation
Rhode Island Scholarship Advocates
School Choice Indiana Network
School Choice Ohio
School Choice Wisconsin
Step Up for Students
Students First Corp. (Pennsylvania)
Success Charter Network
U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

D.C. Parents for School Choice